The Courier is produced and maintained by The Mount Independence Coalition. Our mission is to advance public knowledge of the important role Mount Independence in Orwell, Vermont, had in helping America win its independence from Britain during the crucial years of 1776 and 1777.

We have just transitioned from our once-a-year printed version to this web publication. On this site you will find a growing library of new articles about Mount Independence, as well as an archive of the past ten issues of the printed version of The Courier.

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Editorial Board

Mike Barbieri, contributing historian to The Journal of the American Revolution, Revolutionary War re-enactor

Ennis Duling, editor of Strong Ground: Mount Independence and the American Revolution, contributing historian to The Journal of the American Revolution

Elsa Gilbertson, Site Administrator of Mount Independence

James Ross, local historian, Revolutionary War re-enactor

Stephen Zeoli, president, Mount Independence Coalition

Historical Quotes

The ground… we found so remarkably strong as to require little labour to make it tenable against a vast superiority of force…

Major General Philip Schuyler to George Washington,
July 12, 1776

I have my hands & mind constantly employed night & Day except when I am a Sleep & then sometimes I dream.

Chief Engineer Jeduthan Baldwin,
July 28, 1776

This day, though cold, the whole of the troops here were paraded on the ice, and continued going through sundry maneuvers for two or three hours, till we like to have perished.

Lt. Ebenezer Elmer,
January 9, 1777