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The Courier is published by The Mount Independence Coalition to explore the history of Mount Independence State Historic Site in Orwell, Vermont. We are just transitioning to this online version from our printed edition.

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On the Mount 40 years ago

by Stephen Zeoli In 1979 and 1980, I was the caretaker/interpreter at Mount Independence State Historic Site. Things were quite different in those days. I counted it a good week if we got 25 visitors. The Visitor Center would not be built for another 15 years. People would squeeze through the gate and walk up … Continue reading On the Mount 40 years ago

Strong Ground: Guarding a Passage

Editor’s note: For the past two years, the Coalition has teamed up with the Division for Historic Preservation on a pre-season hike of the Mount called The Strong Ground Walk. These walks are intended to explore parts of Mount Independence off the trails in the spring before the undergrowth makes the ground difficult to see. … Continue reading Strong Ground: Guarding a Passage

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Book Review: Revolution Song by Russell Short

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