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The Courier is published by The Mount Independence Coalition to explore the history of Mount Independence State Historic Site in Orwell, Vermont. We are just transitioning to this online version from our printed edition.

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Death Reigns Triumphant

Dr. Lewis Beebe and the Small Pox Epidemic of 1776 by Stephen Zeoli A year after Lexington and Concord, the American Northern Army was floundering from a failed attempt to take Canada from British control. Through the winter of 1776 and deep into spring, the army had languished outside the walls of Quebec with too … Continue reading Death Reigns Triumphant

Dedicating the DAR Monument

by Stephen Zeoli On August 20, 1908, a group of history fans ferried on a barge from Larrabee’s Point to the northern tip of Mount Independence. The round trip cost 25 cents. They brought picnic baskets in anticipation of the lovely day ahead. They came to this isolated spot on Lake Champlain to celebrate the … Continue reading Dedicating the DAR Monument

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Book Review: Revolution Song by Russell Short

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