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The Courier is published by The Mount Independence Coalition to explore the history of Mount Independence State Historic Site in Orwell, Vermont. We are just transitioning to this online version from our printed edition.

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Defiance and the evacuation from Mount Independence

by Stephen Zeoli I want to thank Mike Barbieri and Ennis Duling, my colleagues on the board of the Mount Independence Coalition, for their assistance in getting this account accurate. A common theme for people with some knowledge of the history of Mount Independence is that American commanders negligently failed to fortify the summit of…

Conserving the History of the Mount

A number of metal Revolutionary War artifacts discovered over the decades at the Mount Independence State Historic Site in Orwell, Vermont, have recently been conserved. This project is thanks to a grant received by the Mount Independence Coalition, the site friends group, from the Lake Champlain Basin Program.  The conservation work on thirty-one items in…

29th Button Donated to the Mount Independence Museum

Editor’s note: This article is written by Jim Ross, who taught history for many years at Mount Abraham High School in Bristol, has been an avid living historian, taking part in uncounted re-enactments around the region, and has been an active Mount Independence Coalition board member for years. This is his engaging story of a…

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Book Review: Revolution Song by Russell Short

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